Barack Obama’s National Service Plan: Thoughts from a Military Wife

I am not writing this to offend or hurt anyone. I’m not trying to start fights or arguments. I am merely sharing with you my experience and thoughts on an important issue facing our people today.

Message circulating about Obama’s “Universal Voluntary Public Service Plan” you can find the full plan on his website:

“Barack’s national service plan. Everyone from 6th grade thru retired senior citizens will be required to do a certain number of hours per year. You can not graduate from high school without performing the required 100 hours of service per year for high school. The service has to be in the government-sponsored programs listed.”

My thoughts:

This is inaccurate. The plan requires only 50 hours from high school and middle school students, and 100 hours from college students that would like to qualify for added tuition money. Much of society would not be required, but encouraged and rewarded for participating in programs meant to restore a spirit of service, teamwork, and cohesion among citizens of a torn nation.

Finally, a President is requiring sacrifice, patriotism, and service from the citizens of this country. In the times we live in, with constant war at home and abroad, natural disasters all over the world, and world leaders that threaten the very core of what we beleive in, it amazes me that we have been coddled by administrations requiring nothing from its citizens. Now, each of us has a chance to stand up and announce that we will ban together to make America what we have always dreamed it could be.

For the last five years, Charles has been in the military, a decision he made to find some purpose in his life and his career. He has spent almost two full years of that time away from our family. He has missed 3 of our 4 children learning to walk. He has missed almost every one of our anniversaries and many of the family birthdays. We now live in Germany, separated from our family, our friends, and all our familiar ways of life. Top it off, we are looking at him leaving again very soon, this time to fight for the freedoms that most Americans take for granted. And yet, through it all, Charles has found the purpose that he sought, the sense of accomplishment he needed, and a career that makes him proud of the work he does.

I have been disillusioned and disappointed by a country that is unwilling to help it’s own, a country with citizens more concerned about their own personal wants than the good of a community, and a government so detached from the people that it doesn’t know where to begin to deal with the many problems facing the common citizen. Finally, someone has brought hope to my heart. Hope that the sacrifices my family has made, along with so many other families, military and civilian alike, have not been made in vain. Hope that our country has a chance at being an ideal among other nations. And, hope that we can once again begin to ban together as a people to protect the freedoms, the way of life, and the ideals that we all hold so dear.

As Obama stated in his speech on Nov. 4, “This is our moment. This is our time – to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American Dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth – that out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope, and where we are met with cynicism, and doubt, and those who tell us that we cant, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Yes We Can.”



  1. just me Said:

    You talk like you are the only one’s whose husband/wife is gone. I have been a military spouse for 25+ years. You’re not the only one whose husband has missed what their children have done. You get no sympathy from me. Been there done that!
    Good luck with Obama in office. Lets see how the raises got under him. If he is anything like Clinton, pay raises will be slim and far between.

  2. kevarae Said:

    I’m not looking for sympathy in the slightest form. I am proud to be a military wife! These are sacrifices I CHOOSE to make for my country. What I am looking for are fellow Americans wiling to take responsibility for themselves and their country, Americans that are ready to make sacrifices as people like you and I and many others have been doing. The Bush Administration required nothing from it’s people. It’s no wonder we are known as lazy, arrogant, and ignorant around the world.
    If you take even a peek at Obama’s service plan you would see he will be doing all kinds of things for military members, their families and veterans, one of which is raising military pay to be equivalent to that in the private sector. If you want to judge a man by his political party you haven’t been paying one bit of attention to Obama and his campaign and his desire to bridge the divide between Republicans and Democrats.

  3. Jennifer Said:

    Although I voted for McCain, a sense of peace came over me as Obama made his acceptance speech. I too, have heard things like “he’s going to cut military pay”, etc. from random people and being the person that I am I did some research to find that to be untrue. The woman who responded before this was rude and way out of context…I do not see this as a post about you seeking sympathy, I see it as you speaking about the good Obama will bring to this country.

  4. Joelle Said:

    I did not vote for Obama…most of the people I hear from these days did not vote for Obama, but I now find myself in the position to defend him routinely. Those of us that did not vote for Obama have fear in their hearts about his plans for change and what that means. I have come to a place that when I hear another rumor about what he is going to do, what he plans to do, or what he has already done, I have started searching his speaches and political views to find the truth behind the fears. Socialism and communism are just a few of the many fears I have come across, and although I cannot squash all the rumors, I have been able to straighten out a couple of fears such as that Obama intends to cut the military by 1/3. Not true. I have found that to be one of the stupid advertising jabs the opposing parties made during the election, in the contrary, Obama has stated he wants to add 65000 troops and 20000 marines. On the other hand I also see that Obama supporters are looking through rose colored glasses when they take every political slogan as gospel and assume perfection and complete honesty from an imperfect man. The next four years are not going to be everything that is expected. As with every other political official, his speeches should be taken with a grain of salt.
    Anyway…despite the fact that he is not the president I thought would be best for office, I am going to do my patriotic duty as an American citizen and support him in office as our president until the day he proves my support is unfounded. Despite my reservations about him as a president I do believe that the possibility of him doing well in office is a much better future for me to look forward to than the possibility of him making it much much worse. Therefore, for my own sanity I am giving him the benefit of the doubt as should every other American.
    I applaud your possitive attitude and hope for our and our children’s sake that you are right.

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