Another Day in Germany

It’s been a rough time for us here in Germany these last couple weeks.  We are trying to handle life as best we can, but as we all know, “When in rains it pours.”  I never imagined it would be so hard to live as an American in a different country.  I know there is animosity all over the world towards Americans and I expected to notice some of that.  What I had not prepared myself for was the displays of anger or hatred that we have received since living here.

We chose not to live on a military installation when we got here.  We moved into a local community, moved some of our children into the local schools, and have tried to embrace the culture as much as possible.  This hasn’t been easy and with today marking the fourth act of vandalism on our new car we are beginning to reconsider whether our current living conditions are the best for our family.

*Sigh*  I guess we’ll have to see how things continue…


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