Our Family Bios


Title: Head of the Household, Father

Age: Far too young

AKA: Daddy, Dad, Bailey-Gates, Pampa Bear

Charles is a man to be reckoned with. He is a Staff Sergeant in the US Army, working as a medic. He is a student, working towards a degree in Oftware Engineering. As a former actor (seriously, I don’t like telling people that because theater geeks are just weird!) he has missed his days on the stage, but he has since figured that one of these days he will open his own theater company and life will return to it’s former theater geek bliss. Hehehe. Recently he has taken up reading, and yes, he is actually growing smarter (is that possible?). He welcomes book suggestions, saying my ideas are too smutty for his tastes. I know, I think he’s gone crazy too. His favorite saying, “I must be smoking crack.”


Title: Ruler Supreme, Mother

Age: She is a woman and doesn’t have to admit to having something like an actual age.

AKA: Mom, Mommy, Wife

Keva is a mom with a plate far too full for her own good. She juggles the children, the house, schooling and work as a supervisor with the Army/Air Force Exchange Services.  As a student at Colorado Technical University she is working on a degree in Marketing. She recently finished her Associates in Business Management and has been able to put her new found skills to use with AAFES.  Her favorite saying, “Seriously?”


Title: Twinkie #1

Age: 7 as of Nov. 7

AKA: Paco Taco, Charly Wharly

In 1st Grade this year, Charly is becoming quite the little lady. She entered a German immersion program in school this year.  Half her day is done in English, the other half in German.  She has made a fun group of friends that she looks forward to spending time with each day at school. Much to her father’s dismay, this group of friends involves boys, which she constantly is talking about. Weekends, for her, are nothing more than boring days with nothing to do but chores. She is a huge help around the house. Cooking and vacuuming are her favorite chores. Her favorite saying, “Oh man!”


Title: Twinkie #2

Age: 7 as of Nov. 7

AKA: Chellie Bellie, Tootsie Roll

This little Miss is also in 1st grade this year and in the German Immersion program as well. She is a total social butterfly, but could care less about the boys hanging around her.  She is very excited about her newfound reading skills is and moving forward quickly. This is also the miniature mom in the house. Her favorite chore is taking care of the baby. Her favorite saying, “Do I have to?”


Title: The Brother

Age: 4 as of Mar. 16

AKA: Benji, Benji-man, Buddy

This is one kid you don’t want to mess with. He’s got a yell on him that’ll make you want to run for cover. He attends the local German kindergarten this year and is learning bits of German here and there. Enough German that his sisters agree he should know longer be considered an American. He is a boy’s boy, which is odd as he’s surrounded by women; but he has made it his personal pledge to shun anything that could potentially be considered feminine. Pink, flowers, makeup, and dolls are among the top of his “Stay Away From” list. His favorite saying, “Look at this!”


Title: The Baby Sister

Age: 2 as of July 3

AKA: Monkey, Missus, Dolly

And here we’ve come to the little one in the family. Little only in size she’s got a personality the size of Texas. She’s the Curious George of the family, always finding herself into something she ought not to be in, always climbing something far too high for a mother’s comfort, and never staying in one place for longer than a few moments. She also attends the local German Kindergarten and is getting used to being outside of the house on a regular basis.  Far too independent for her own good, this little one makes the other 2 yr olds around her look easy to deal with! Her favorite saying, “Why?”


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