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Here’s to the Dark

*Sigh* Another day of rain. The rainy days here seem never-ending sometimes. I’ve decided this is the place the Cullen’s need to move to (if you haven’t read Twilight you need to remove yourself from the rock you’ve been hiding under and head to the bookstore). Our sunny days are few and far between, it’s stays nice (well, nice if you’re a vampire) and overcast.

One of the things I loved about Germany when I got here was the window shades. Silly, I know, but I was desperately clinging to the little things to make the transition bearable. We have these huge roll-down shades that block out all light. So, for a napper like myself, every afternoon I could make my room dark as night and enjoy a peaceful rest. I now look at my shades and long for sunny days just so I can use them!

I’ve been told as winter progresses that it will only get darker and more overcast. I am right now looking at a calendar thinking it can’t possibly be the beginning of Oct. I’m in for a long, dark winter. Anyone have the Cullen’s phone number? Maybe I could invite them to join me.